The Consequences Of Human Trafficking

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In the early 1900s, a new form of slavery was introduced: Human trafficking. Millions of people were traded and sold all around the world in these horrid operations. Thousands were robbed of childhood and stripped from the opportunity of a normal life. Human trafficking bestows lifelong consequences upon its victims that are, in some cases, incurable. Due to the fact that the trafficking of humans takes a toll on an entire community or nation, it is up to its citizens and law enforcement to identify and prevent trafficking among its people.
Human Trafficking is one of the least known about crimes in the word. It is “recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons…for the purpose of exploitation” (UNODC np). In usual
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It has been estimated that around “14,000- 18,000 people are being trafficked into the US each year” (Pickey np). Furthermore, studies have shown that “50 percent of people trafficked into the US each year are children” (Pickey np). Thousands of foreigners are smuggled into the United States each year that is being forced into sex slavery. Sadly, the majority of these victims consist of female children. Traffickers are stripping the youth of their childhood for the purpose of exploitation and profit. Youth are not the only people in danger of being trafficked; women, men, boys, and elders are as well. The Center of Prevention of Trafficking in Women or the CPTW is an organization that works to raise awareness in order to increase safety. The CPTW encourages people in the community that their services are in no cases “directed solely towards youth” (Costachi 31). It is important to remember that although the youth are traffickers’ main focus; but others can be sold into this lifestyle as well. Educating everyone in the community would only increase preventing and spread knowledge to a larger crowd of …show more content…
People need to learn and understand just exactly what sex trafficking is and what is consists of. If more people had knowledge of sex trafficking, it would make it easier to identify the signs and hopefully help prevent trafficking. When it comes to trafficking prevention there are ways that you should and should not go about it. In china, a young boy was abducted from his home and was in the process of being sold into trafficking. Is family reported him missing and miraculously he was rescued by police forces. Sadly, his family was never notified of his rescue. The boy spent the next six months in government watch where he died of malnutrition. Outraged from the actions of both the traffickers and the government, the Chinese decided to fight the government in their own way by using “tools including apps, alert systems, and petitions” (Hunwick Np). While it is normal for a community to become outraged by a result as such, fighting traffickers on their own could be considered extremely dangerous. Some people fail to realize how serious these crimes are. Fighting these criminals on their own would only further anger the traffickers and potentially lead to an increase of danger for both the already abducted victims and people within the community. Australia is another major area that has a high rate of human trafficking. Tony Abbot, the Prime Minister of Australia, has taken

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