World Hunger Observation Report

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Hunger (n): a compelling need or desire or food and the painful sensation or state of weakness caused by the need for food. The words “What am I going to get to eat today” crosses the minds and lives of more than 805 million people everyday. The words “am I going to get something to eat today at all?” cross the minds of the same people. Those are two big lines that cross their minds everyday. World hunger is a real deal and will continue to be a big deal in our lives. We need to stop acting like it’s not a big deal. Over the course of this class I have really learned how this impacts us and it breaks my heart learning how many people are truly struggling everyday.

The 2015 statistics have came out and show that more than eight hundred and
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Adults can handle hunger a little better because their bodies are fully developed. A child starving is just not good at all. It can cause problems for them for the rest of their lives. There have been studies out there that show that of eighty percent of the world stunted children; they live in roughly thirteen to fourteen countries. This goes to show how much different each part of the world is and how nothing gets spread out. Our resources are not being used properly at all. In the United States, being in high school during the Obama years, there were many law changes like the healthy kids act. This act required students in grade schools to take everything the cooks offered, even if they didn’t want it. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how much more food was thrown away everyday at our school. The worst part about it is the community I grew up in was only twelve hundred people and was a very small school. I think it’s safe to say that the amount of food that was thrown away on the daily bases would be able to feed our school for the next two to three days after if was thrown away. It’s just a sad sight because we could be feeding all that extra food to starving children all over the world, but instead we are more worried about having laws to force people to take some thing that they don’t want, but yet we live in a free country. Sure I understand that we need laws in …show more content…
It is estimated that chronic hunger kills ten children every sixty seconds. More people die from causes that are related to chronic hunger than to famine. They have fewer resources to protect themselves and their families and are already living on the margin of survival. There are five main things that contribute to most of the world’s hunger: poverty, armed conflicts, environmental overload, discrimination, and lack of clout. Poverty is the number one source. This is because in many of the developing countries where the hunger rate is so high, the food is scares, which causes the prices to be extremely high. Living in poverty, many of them can’t afford it. Armed conflicts are also another big thing that causes hunger. This is because war disrupts agriculture production, and the government spends all their money on the arms and not on the social programs. The government spends all their time and resources to try and protect the country as best as they can, but in developing countries; there isn’t much they can do to save anything on their homeland if the war breaks out there. The reason why environmental overload causes chronic hunger is because an over-consumption by the wealthy nations and the rapid population growth in poor nations causes a strain on the natural resources and make it extremely hard for citizens to feed themselves.

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