The Pros And Cons Of Workplace Monitoring

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Introduction ( thesis ) - James Zeigler, Justin Sanford

The use of monitoring software in a business setting carries ethical questions about the level of monitoring conducted by employers and how this monitoring and restriction of access effects employee morale, and corporate trust. Employees will shop, do their banking, check up on personal emails, catch up on social media, tweet and in extreme cases watch their favorite Netflix series or television show. While some of these employees do this on occasion or on a short break such as lunch, others will abuse this access creating a problem for the company. Access to information comes easy these days and with the ability to obtain this information with just the click of a button can create hostile, unproductive environments in the workplace and even cause legal issues within the company. Workplace monitoring not only allow a business to track productivity and keep tabs on leaked confidential company information but also uphold employee safety and security.

We will examine the pros and cons that come with monitoring software installed on employees devices for both the company and employee. We will
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Why is there a need to implement a technology that most people would be strongly opposed to on private devices and networks. What issues are addressed for corporations who implement these types of monitoring software? To adequately do answer this, its important to pay attention to the selling points of the companies that provide this type of software. There exists a large number of companies offering this exact service with varying levels of recording and tools to restrict access. One of these offerings, Staff Cop, provides one of the most extensive tool sets for corporations. Staff Cop boasts a laundry list of

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