The Pros And Cons Of France's War Against ISIS

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There is a possible chance of world war three; should the U.S. help prevent this or come in later after many casualties? France has officially declared war against ISIS after they were attacked in Paris. The U.S. has dealt with terrorism before and even drove out Al-Qaeda in the past which is where ISIS originated from. If the United States fought terrorist before they should do it again. The U.S. should take immediate action and go to war against ISIS especially if even France, whose normally peaceful, is going to war. The U.S. president doesn 't want to go to war against ISIS. France asked the U.S. for help in fighting against ISIS but president Obama thinks it would be a mistake. "French president Francois Hollande on Monday called for the United states and Russia to join his …show more content…
Anonymous is helping eliminate any ISIS propaganda which would hopefully weaken the terrorist organization. "Responding to the Paris attacks, hacker collective anonymous has declared war against ISIS by launching what they call their biggest operation against the militant group."(Tara John) America calls ISIS criminals but they are doing more to help France than America. That can damage America 's reputation. It 's like if you say someone 's a bad person then they do something better than you like saving someone from a fire. It makes them the hero and you are looked down on for thinking bad about them. If America does not go to war against ISIS it will damage America 's reputation. Anonymous claims that they want to help protect people 's freedom and they back up their intentions by helping the world stop ISIS. If America doesn 't help France in the war against ISIS but Anonymous does and America continues to label Anonymous as criminals then Americas reputation would fall. If that happens it would not only have other countries view us badly but the American people from within will not take their government less

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