The Pros And Cons Of The Obama Care Act

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Good health is one of the most important things for human life. Health has particularly been a priority issue for Americans considering the increasing health problems affecting the population. Nevertheless, for many years, the majority of Americans have not been able to access quality health care due to high cost of health care. In response, the Obama administration introduced a piece of legislation called Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obama Care to help address the health care needs of the American people. This ambitious piece of legislation’s main aim is to increase health insurance coverage to the American people. Although the Obama Care Act was passed into law, its passage was marred by controversies, including the government …show more content…
According to a Gallup study, the Obama Care Act has significantly reduced the number of Americans without health insurance coverage (Sanger-Katz 1). As earlier stated, the main aim of Affordable Care Act was to minimize the number of Americans without health care insurance plan. Five years since the law came into being, the number of Americans without health insurance plan has reduced by 25%. This accounts for about 11 million people that have been insured in the last five years since Obama Care Act became operational (Sanger-Katz 1).
Of this number, a report show, about a half of the newly insured Americans signed up of Medicaid while the rest enrolled for private health insurance plan. Additionally, study found that about four million American youths have been provided with a health insurance plan since the Obama Care law came into
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The law has been in operation for five years now assessments have been done to determine whether it is working for Americans. Although there is a divided opinion over the effectiveness of the law, personally I believe that Affordable Care Act has worked well for Americans. Politics aside, Obama Care Act has helped ensure that more than 11 million Americans that lacked health insurance plan can now easily afford quality health care, which is a major achievement. The majority of those who have been insured are the low-income Americans that could not afford quality health care five years ago because of their inability to pay. Therefore, it is a huge achievement for the law to increase the number of Americans covered under health insurance plan. Additionally, the law is working because it has increased competition and choices for Americans, thereby ensuring improved quality healthcare by

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