The Pros And Cons Of The Internet?

There are over three billion people using the internet a day (Internet Users). The internet has become very accessible in last couple of years. You can use for just about anything and find it on just about everything (phones, watches, laptops, etc.). Although the internet grants us with easy access to acknowledgeable resources, the internet also steers us away from focusing on our priorities.
The internet is a powerful source of technology that can help us in many ways. One pro of the internet is that it helps us be more aware of the current events happening around us. Although we already have the news on TV to be aware of these events, the internet and its type of media is also a good help. Most of the time I never have time to catch the
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One con to using the internet is that we can lose our social skills. In a article that I recently read I learned that we spend about eleven hours of the day on the internet (Mashable), which is just about half of our day wasted. We all use the internet for different reasons, some may use the internet for entertainment purposes, like checking their Social Medias or even checking out the latest movie added on Netflix. Whatever the reason may be, we are choosing to do that rather than going out and socializing with others. The more we focus on what’s happening on the internet, the more we forgot how to communicate with people. For example, I know of people who revolve their lives to what’s going online and forget about what’s happening around them. They soon become introverted, they rather meet people online than in person. This ends up making them have trouble speaking with people in real life because the only conversation they’ve gotten used to is behind a screen. This a big cause for social anxiety. People get used to being able to say what they want behind a screen that when it comes to personal contact they have no idea what to

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