The Pros And Cons Of The Feminist Movement

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Many people misunderstand what feminism stands for. Recently, feminists have a negative cogitation, they are called man haters, sexist, or even stupid. However, a realistic description of feminists is that they stand for equality for both women and men socially, economically, and political. There are several issues feminism points out, issues that people are not comfortable discussing or changing as a result of always been the way people have done things. Feminists challenge the concept of masculinity and femininity.
Before the feminist movement, women were treated and valued different than today. For most women there was little chance or even no chance at all to get an education. Therefore, societal views meant that they would be house wives.
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To begin with, women “are actually promoted more often than men … However, for women, promotions are most likely to lateral (i.e., from one location in an occupational system to another of similar ranking and status)” (141). Whereas, men’s promotions are likely to advance in rankings. Another, dilemma is the pay gap between men and women. Women are paid less than males, for every dollar men earn, only 77 cents goes for female. People hope race can not affect someone’s life but in reality it does. Women of color have a huge disadvantage when it comes to the pay gap. Being a women takes away money from your paycheck then because of the color of their skin they have to endure low salaries due to the pay …show more content…
To this day, society still asks “what was she wearing?.” Women have been taught to not dress provocatively, not to drink, or walk after dark yet, men are not being educated to respect women even under many circumstances. On the other hand, considering that United States is a patriarchal country men are taught to be a man and let no women treat them as they want. Due to this, only a few men report being raped or beaten. There was a time when a man- Rick (keeping his identity anonymous) was in a relationship, everything was going fine. However, as time went on, the women he was with became to change she would yell at him for no apparent reason. One day, she was absolutely mad, she slapped him in front of his family. One of Rick’s sisters told her that if she saw her slapping Rick again she would call the police, in that moment she left. Once he went back to the apartment they were living together they got into a heated argument, she began to throw things at him. It got to the point where he had to lock himself in the restroom and call the police. Without delay, when she heard him talking to the police she left the apartment and never came back. When the police got the apartment, they hesitated to press charges as if they did not believe him. Now if Rick would of been a women, police would of offered more support than they initially did. There is a double standard in every issue, people

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