Feminism: The Struggle For Equality For Women

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Many people misunderstand what feminism stands for. Recently, feminists have a negative cogitation, they are called man haters, sexist, or even stupid. However, a realistic description of feminists is that they stand for equality for both women and men socially, economically, and political. There are several issues feminism points out, issues that people are not comfortable discussing or changing as a result of always been the way people have done things. Feminists challenge the concept of masculinity and femininity.
Before the feminist movement, women were treated and valued different than today. For most women there was little chance or even no chance at all to get an education. Therefore, societal views meant that they would be house wives. Another point of view was marital rape, in other words men could rape their wives without any consequences. It was until 1993, when marital rape became illegal in all fifty states. Without feminist movement, women would not have the same rights and opportunities as today.
Throughout time, women faced and are still facing complications at work force. To begin with, women “are actually promoted more often than men … However, for women,
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Today, women have the right to vote, divorce the man she is with, etc. Also, feminists now are extremists on getting their point of view through. Another example why feminism does not work is due to that feminists are sexists against men. They only focus on women 's issues and forget about men.
In the future, Feminism might evolve on fighting more broader social issues. The importance that people change their view on feminism is essential for equality for everyone. Women and men who support feminism look out for low income families, the LGBTQ community, and many more. As said before, feminism challenges beliefs and traditions but, what if society is wrong and something beautiful can come out by changing our

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