The Pros And Cons Of The American Dream

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According to the Merriam Dictionary the definition of the American Dream is, "a social ideal that stresses egalitarianism and especially material prosperity". However I feel that just because ideals are set, doesn 't mean that they are very well received and embraced. I believe that today, there are few circumstances where this applies to. If one works hard and diligently, they could climb the business ladder and live a comfortable life no matter the circumstances of their birth or social class; that is what the American Dream started off as in the 1950 's. Throughout the winding stretches of time, the effects of the melting pot has altered this concept, and now we have millions of definitions that we could put under the American Dream. People have …show more content…
On the flipside, circumstances has made it harder to be successful, for example you will either be: A. into huge debt or B. well-off in the end. In the 20 's, the outstretched goal would be to be rich and famous. That once outstretched goal for ourselves has dwindled down to just wanting to be financially stable, nothing more. Essentially the American order of operations is as followed: graduate high school, go to college, meet your mate, start any career you can get into, work, get married, buy a new house, start a family, get a master’s degree, upgrade to a bigger house, have more children, get a bigger car. We will continue to get more bigger, better and higher, then eventually you die off. You 've basically wasted your life away trying to compete against whom? We 've become drones trying to dig our way into the corporate world, draining our batteries dry trying to climb a ladder that we all know will not be fruitful. But we choose to avoid the fact that, this is all for looks and for the sake of storytelling to other 's and to the generations after

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