The Pros And Cons Of Solar Energy

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Register to read the introduction… This type of energy comes from the abundant energy of the sun. How solar energy works is it uses solar panels or solar cells to create and convert solar energy into mechanical energy, which then is converted into electrical energy or used directly. This “green” energy or renewable energy alternative causes a reduction in pollution and has less of an impact on the environment. Solar energy also isn’t limited to any specific location on earth like fossil fuels where certain countries can control other countries because of their abundant supply of fossil fuels. But since on the earth the sunlight is available everywhere that humans live, it would result in a much more peaceful energy source since anyone could get solar energy that wanted it. Also since the sun provides earth with so much energy, “the energy provided by only 20 days of sunlight is equivalent to all the coal, oil, and natural gas reserves” (Union of Concerned …show more content…
It might not be as big as it should be but it has the ingredients to be a big part of the future. The only thing that is really holding solar power back in the present is the lack of information about it to the public. If the general population was to be asked about what is solar power and how does it work most would not be able to answer the questions. Almost everyone would say that it is good for the environment and uses the sun but besides that no one really knows about solar energy. So in order for solar energy to be able to take off as a power house in the energy department society needs to be better informed and also just more exposed to solar energy. This is also the easiest energy to use on top of homes to make electric bills cheaper for homes. So in the end solar energy fits all the needed criteria to become a needed power source in the future. First it is cheap and will continue to get cheaper than fossil fuels that are available now. It is also more effective than fossil fuels even while being in the infant stages of being an energy source, with more and more improvements done to solar panels it will only become more effective than it already is. Lastly it fits the criteria of being easier to obtain/use than fossil fuels; the hardest part about solar energy is really just setting it up. So in the end solar power is an ideal renewable energy source and can be way more effective than fossil fuels. But for renewable energy solar energy is just the tip of the

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