Should The Minimum Wage Be Raised

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In recent years, a major controversy has come about on if minimum wage should be raised. Hundreds of thousands of people in the work force, have been protesting and negotiating to raise the minimum wage. The debate has been that people who make the current minimum wage, want the standard to be increased and possibly raised to 15 dollars an hour. Those that oppose, think that raising it could ensue far greater economic problems. Since 1938, the Fair Labor Standards Act has been indorsed to make sure that citizens in the work force make a sufficient amount of income to reach the standard of living. Daniel Flaming from the Economic Roundtable articulates that “The basic issue is whether workers should receive a share of the value…through their …show more content…
They also believe raising the wage could also have no negative effect. From the Department of Labor (DOL) website, they put up several myths that were proved wrong with raising the minimum wage. As it goes, many people believe that raising the wage is only helping teenagers, the DOL proved that “89 percent of those who would benefit…are age 20 or older and 56 percent are women.”(Minimum Wage). The website also points out other common myths that were not true that thousands believed. One important issue is that if the minimum wage does increase, then thousands of small business owners would go out of business as they simply cannot stay open with prices rising. DOL states that “3 out of 5 small business owners with employees support a gradual increase in the minimum wage.”(Minimum Wage). This means that the small business are for an increase, but not right away. They want to slowly work up to 12 dollars and if passed then they would try to work up to 15 dollars an hour. Other factors that have shown to be good for increasing minimum wage is employee turnover will be low. Workers are going to want to show up for work, be motivated and fighting for that job, which then decreases the amount of time and money employers have to use on finding and training new faculty. Having an increase wage also results in more spending money for the employee which then helps the community all around. The Economy Roundtable suggested that if workers received the 15 dollar minimum wage, then the county which was tested in, could receive 9.2 billion dollar revenue in sales. Having the federal minimum wage rate raised could possibly have a good impact on the United States economy according to some

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