Quickbook Advantages

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There are many things that make a person’s job easier and help them be organized. Especially when you have a growing business and cant always keep track of everything by memory. This is when QuickBooks comes in. In my opinion, QuickBooks is the number one accounting software for small businesses looking to get organized. There are many pros and cons to using QuickBooks but the same goes to every other software. QuickBooks can do things like bookkeeping, business management & personal finance tracking. It is also the number one selling accounting software in the United States of America. This software also is very helpful in that it has a built-in calendar that alerts you of due dates and meeting appointment. QuickBooks accounting and management …show more content…
This is the company you do business with, orders and services, and products for the customers. QuickBooks also helps in the aspect of keeping the business organized and maintain record of the supplies and terms of each purchase. The best part is that QuickBooks even does the math for you. It gives the business the option to pay early and shows you how much the difference would be with a discount. The only thing the business needs to do is enter the terms of the discount and the software will do the rest. The feature that can help pay your bills on time and to avoid late fees is “enter bill” and “pay bill” this option is also used to view contract records. QuickBooks also gives the option of printing the 1099 at the end on the year.
The third key is employees/payroll. This helps keep track of your employee’s benefit program, their records, process either manual paychecks or direct deposit, pay taxes and calculate to the suitable tax authority. There are many Intuit payroll plans that you can choose from. QuickBooks makes everything easier and makes finding things and keeping track of them way more convenient for the
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Here you will have an abundance of variety in the report types that show on the tables, graphs, charts or percentages. Here you will see that QuickBooks labels the reports suitably and all you need to do is click on it. For example balance sheet, profit & loss, sales by customer detail, etc. This keeps things better organized and more convenient.
The seventh and final key is help. The help center has two-fold assistances. This option is great and very simple to use because you just type in your question and the help center gives you possible steps to solving the questions. There is also a place where you can activate the community of users link, which is located on your QuickBooks, and start to see a list of very similar questions and how others have answered them. The option is a huge help when you aren’t very sure what to do. You go into a pool of other users that have had the same questions as you and can now help you solve your problem.
In conclusion, QuickBooks not only makes your life easier it makes running a small business more efficient. It takes all the hassle out of owning a business and lets you focus on what is important and that is your customers and enjoying what you do. QuickBooks is an accounting software package for small businesses that can accept business payments, manage and pay bills and payroll

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