Disadvantages Of Penetration Testing

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A penetration test or “pentesting” is an attack on a computer system, network or Web application without actually harming it and with the owner’s permission in order to identify vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit with the intention of finding security weaknesses and potentially gaining access to its functionality and data.

Why Penetration Testing

Nine out of 10 businesses experienced at least one hacking incident in the past year, marking a 21% increase from 2015, according to a survey by Hartford Steam Boiler. "Sixty-four percent of risk managers say they have experienced more than six hacking incidents in the last year--up from 32% in 2015," said Eric Cernak, cyber practice leader for Munich Re. "U.S. businesses are under constant
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Considering the costly and damaging consequences of loss of records to loss of business as a result of an attack, penetration testing is a consequence-free exercise for companies’ Managers and computer emergency teams to test their detection and response capabilities and gain experience and prepare themselves.

Test Limitations
It is important to point out that a penetration test cannot be expected to identify all possible security vulnerabilities, nor does it offer any guarantee that a company’s information is secure. A typical penetration exercise is not a comprehensive evaluation of security, since many security issues and configuration problems may not be identified. In addition, penetration testing is normally completed with finite resources, focused on a particular area, over a finite period of time. Hackers determined to break into a company’s information systems are often not bound by similar constraints. If the limited nature of penetration tests is not understood, the exercise can give a company a false sense of
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A. Steps to jailbreak your iPhone 1. Make sure that you back up your iPhone operating system a. Click on settings b.Choose iCloud c.Choose Backup and then Back Up Now 2. If you have your phone protected by a passcode, you have to disable it a. Click on settings b. Click on Touch ID & Passcode c. Enter your Passcode d. Click Turn Passcode Off 3. Next you have to put your phone in airplane mode a. Use your finger and swipe up to show your control center b. Click on the airplane image to turn it on 4. You have to Pangu so go to your app store and download a. Open the app b. Plug your phone into your computer c. Once the Pangu program reads your phone, select start, then already backup d. Your phone is going to reboot and you will have to repeat step 3 e. Open the Pangu app on your phone and allow it access to your photos f. Your iphone will reboot and then your phone is jailbroken (Klowoksi, 2015) B. Steps to jailbreak your android (using KingoRoot

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