The Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Arsenal

People have different thoughts on if the U.S should retain or dismantle their nuclear arsenal. People that think it should be kept make arguments like how nuclear weapons help keep the U.S safe and how they can be used if there were to be any sort of war. On the contrary People that feel our nuclear weapons should be dismantled say our nuclear weapons cost too much to be kept and they make us seem hostile to other nations. So should the U.S keep its nuclear arsenal? Well there are lots of pros and cons to both sides of this argument. Some say one day nuclear weapons will be our demise, and others say nuclear weapons are the only reason we are still safe from nuclear war today. People that feel we should keep our nuclear arsenal make the arguments of nuclear weapons give the U.S a fear factor, or edge over other nations ( Pros and Cons of Nuclear Weapons Paragraph 5 ). …show more content…
And even if we never go to war with our weapons, Worldwide transgressions and arguments are solved easier because they know of our power. On the other hand people who believe our nuclear weapons should be dismantled state their view that nuclear weapons only cause problems. They make other nations not like us because nuclear weapons are very hostile and have nothing friendly about them and hurt the morals of our nation and others ( Pros and Cons of Nuclear Weapons Paragraph 8 ). North Korea feels the need to make more nuclear weapons because of ours. The United States should retain their nuclear arsenal because they help keep our nation safe, If we go to war we can use them to scare off other nations or worst case scenario, use the weapons, and nuclear weapons are more cost efficient than some may

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