Essay The Pros And Cons Of Immigration

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The Pros and Cons of Immigration Today Verses that of the Past.
I am proud to be a United States citizen, because of the rights and freedom that citizenship allows me. These include; the right to pursue an education, fair employment, proper medical care, and non-discriminatory housing. Laws were created by the government to insure that immigration policies are followed to enter the country legally. Generally, a person who enters the country legally must have a green card or a work visa. However, there are individuals who enter the country illegally and expect to enjoy all the rights and freedom as a United States citizen. Many people feel that immigrants are entitled to work visa, but or not entitled to medical, food, and housing supplement that the less fortunate citizens are due. A general feeling is that these illegal immigrants are depleting our American financial system tremendously. People believe this illegal chaos is causing deep dysfunctions and cheating legal Americans. Immigration can be beneficial when the economy is progressive and there is low unemployment. The immigration process can be corrupt when the country is not experiencing an economic boom and suffers from high unemployment. We need immigrants to help the economy. According to Schaefer, “The most bitterly aspects of U.S. immigration policy has been the control of illegal or undocumented immigrants. These immigrants and their families come to the United States in search of higher-paying jobs than their…

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