The Pros And Cons Of Homosexual Parents

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Like every controversy or dispute, there are always multiple sides to an argument. One thing that gay people would argue is, homosexual people can provide a stable family environment. For example, gay and heterosexual parents are equally stable (Should Gays, 2008). For a child, the stability of the parents is crucial to the development of that child and will be a major variable if they want to adopt. If the parent is not stable, he or she will not be able to adopt because the child will not have a good environment to grow up in. Furthermore, homosexuality and pedophilia do not relate ("Should Gays", 2008). Some studies have shown that when same-sex couples have children, they are more likely to molest their kids. Gay couples trying to …show more content…
First, "…male and female were created to be complimentary…" (Byrd, 4). Males and females were specifically created to be together. Male and female together were meant to reproduce, not two males or two females. The fact that males and females were created for each other, means that there is also a special bond when in a relationship. One that is not present when two homosexuals are in a relationship. According to Daily (2005), homosexual relationships mean a different kind of committed. This is saying that gays meaning of committed has a looser meaning than to a heterosexual couple. A child 's well-being is a major topic that is looked at when going through the adoption process. Any type of doubt in a child 's mind as to wether or not his or her parents love each other will emotionally ruin that child. If a child has any chance of being emotionally unstable, that child will not be placed with the family that is attempting to adopt him or her. There are plenty of reasons why gays should not be allowed to adopt children. One is that homosexuality goes against the Bible and is an abomination in the eyes of God. Another is the emotional stability of a child in a homosexual family can be ruined by the prejudice they may or may not face because of who the parents are. Children also need a mother and a father when growing up; both parental figures are crucial to the development of a child. Homosexuals can have a very negative affect on a child 's development, and for this reason, should not be allowed to

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