Essay On Conservatism

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“Our constitution is called a democracy because power is in the hands not of a minority but of the whole people”(Pericles 155-156). Our government of elected officials and the constituency are both heading down a dangerous path with our current political situation. It is hard for our politicians and government to make the American people happy in the current political situation when there are no solutions that are being given options to the public. And the current political situation in words is the government id not doing enough in the Untied States for everyone to co-exist the best they can. This is a problem because our country is made up of a variety of cultures and values. The American government needs to be more tolerated of another individual’s …show more content…
With people in the government believing that the beliefs of the political system in the Untied States stay within the traditional American values. Oakeshott (1962) sets up the idea of Conservative disposition. The disposition to be conservative is that we recognized and respect the rules of the government. They are having a rough time with their conservatism ideologies reaching to the American people. Over the past centuries the American people evolve their own ideas and have expanded their views on the government from holding them back. Which makes you think that Conservatism is incompatible with democracy. Conservatism is founded on deception because of its prejudice and inequality, which makes it to be a destructive system to the Untied States. I think the solution to get past the idea is that the government needs to stop whining with one another and figure out how to make the Unites States a stronger country. I like the idea of John Stuart Mill (1899) that the power of the government should only be used is if there is harm coming to an individual. Even a solution like the idea that conservatism part of the government could use its words to talk to the American public and work out a way to fix our current political situation instead of using words that the public could

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