Unit 3 Assignment Of Computer Crime

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Advanced development in the technology of computers and communications, the world definitely profited a lot. However, this has come at a scary price for many. Computer crimes have become a serious problem, costing millions of dollars. “Ranking at 23%, United States has the worse computer crimes.” (Sumo3000, 2016). Despite the fact, other countries are becoming more reliant upon the internet for business and government purposes they are at jeopardy too. Computer crimes are threatening the forthcoming of communication and confidentiality of companies and establishments.

“Defining computer crime is a daunting and difficult task.”. (Taylor, Fritsch, & John, 2015)
First, using the computer as a target this means that the computer itself is the target. “Denying the legitimate user or owner of the system access to his or her data or computer.” For example, not allowing someone to use their computer unless they download a certain
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This activity requires criminals to use the computer to get to their target(s). Thirdly, the computer as incidental to a crime this is described as, “a pattern or incident of criminality uses a computer simply for ease in maintain the efficacy of criminal transaction.” For example, a Craigslist ad is posted, for a car, and once the person gets to their destination they are robbed of their money. The robber used the computer to bring in their target, which resulted in a criminal activity. Lastly, crimes associated with the prevalence of computers, which is basically “the industry itself, but also include its customers and even people who have avoided information technology.” For example, music lovers might use various sources of music websites to download their favorite music. (Taylor, Fritsch, & John, 2015)

“Cyber-crime or computer crime can be divided into two categories: the first comprises crimes that target computers directly such as viruses, attacks and malware; while the second

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