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Engineering is solving problems using math and science by designing and creating complex structures and machines. Engineers have to recognize many possible solutions to an important problem and consider the pros and cons of each solution. Then they have to choose the best solution and create a model. After creating a model, engineers improve it, and make changes to ensure that it works the way they want it to (Intro to Engineering, n.d.; What is Engineering, 2008).
The purpose of having a chimney is to aid in releasing smoke to the outside, but how do engineers know what height is best for a chimney? Chimneys reduce the risk of having an indoor fire. Removing smoke is beneficial to people’s health because smoke contains many chemicals including toxic gases (How Does Fire Work, 2002). Inhaling smoke can cause and magnify health issues so chimney height can decide
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A chimney is a vertical flue. Its function is to allow smoke, gases, and anything else created by incomplete combustion to escape a room. The flue makes sure all the “byproducts of combustion do not back up into a room. It carries away gases and smoke with minimal heat loss, so that the fire provides warmth without endangering the people indoors” (McMahon, 2015).
Draft is the the movement of air going up a chimney. When a chimney is filled with hot air a strong draft pulls air from the firebox into the chimney. The air that moves up the chimney removes the flue gas from the fireplace to outside of the house. This works when cold air pushes hot gas up the chimney, since the density of cold air is higher than the density of hot air. Without a strong draft, smoke from the fire does not escape the chimney and smoke would fill up the house (Homeowner Resources, n.d.; How Chimneys Work, n.d.)
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