Smoke Signals And Fences Essay

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#Pemble 1 Choosing two different pieces of entertainment to compare and contrast stood out to me as a writer to create a fun and new writing experience for not only myself but to create a literary inspiration to bring these two together. Both pieces have symbolic examples, and multiple characters that stood out, but the father figures in Fences the play, and the film Smoke Signals defined what to do and not to do as a father. Both delivered an unconditional love, whether it was from a distance but one father was in the picture entirely and the other left his son at a young age. The rolls played between Arnold and Troy are more different then they are alike, although they are both fathers and each son shows the same amount of love. Victor’s …show more content…
The film is based upon Victor discovering who his father was. Regardless of this numerous flashbacks he had and memories of his father, this just does not compare to what it would be like if his father had been there with him as he grew up. However Troy chose to stick with his son to raise him right, even though it was a form of tough love. This automatically makes Troy seem like a better father because he involves himself in his son’s life. When things got hard in between Troy and his family he could have easily left but that was not the goal. Role playing in each piece of entertainment delivers the same outcome, a father creates a son and either raises him or does not. Victor’s father failed at this due to his actions causing him to have to leave his family. Regardless of Troy’s actions, he remained a part of his family and was a part of raising his son. “"You go on and get your book-learning so you can work yourself up in that A&P or learn how to fix cars or build houses or something, get you a trade. That way you have something can 't nobody take away from you” (Wilson). Encouragement as a father influences children to grow up strong, Cory could take advantage of this but Victor more or less had to figure out life without his father’s

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