The Pros And Cons Of Chain Migration

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Chain migration is a very controversial topic that is becoming a major topic of discussion. Chain migration is when a U.S. citizen or a green card holder in America sponsors an immigrant to come into the united states. Some people belief that this is a form of family reunification, but others believe that this is not a fair process in which someone is able to come into America. Since this is a controversial topic there is many positive and negative effects towards chain migration, and there is people with different political view that is lenient towards one sided of the argument.(NPR)(CBS News) Knowing how chain migration works is a big piece of the puzzle to break it down. Chain migration starts with someone that is admitted by the government …show more content…
citizens and their children (capped at 23,400/year). Second reference is Spouses, children, and unmarried sons/daughters of green card holders (capped at 114,000/year). Third preference is Married sons/daughters of U.S. citizens and their spouses and children (capped at 23,400/year).
Fourth reference is Brothers/sisters of U.S. citizens (at least 21 years of age) and their spouses and children (capped at (65,000/year).(NumbersUSA) Since chain migration is obviously a controversial topic there is always the positives and negatives on that certain subject. The positive that most people will look at are broken down into 5 main topics. The first one: Families are crucial to the social and economic incorporation of newcomers. Because there is a lack of public policies for the integration of new immigrants, families and people that come from the same background (ie. ethnic groups) usually have been working together at the workplace, and showing a powerful and strong working capability. In certain, ethnic communities and families operate and help when a new member of they certain ethnic community wants to come into American, that may including opportunities for employment, access to credit, and different kinds of support. In simpler words , when family members started arriving on a
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Second one: Family-based immigration has a positive impact on business development and community improvement. Family ties sets a big impact in a immigrant communities which, in turn, offer a fertile environment for the development of businesses. Now you are working in a community and setting of knowing everyone some of your co workers. This specific quote shows proof of how close knit immigration communities are important and beneficial “case-study evidence finds that extended immigrant families and close-knit immigrant communities ease the economic assimilation of new immigrants and promote investment in

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