The Pros And Cons Of Assisted Suicide

Register to read the introduction… The degree to which physical pain can be tolerated is different in all humans (Humphry, “Liberty and Death…”). One could only imagine the pain they’d be in if they were constantly enduring pain spasms, losing control of organ systems, and even endless coughing (Messerli). There is no purpose in letting a human being suffer endlessly until their body decides to give out. It would be a more human choice to let the patients decide for themselves if they want to end the suffering or not. Why let a person struggle when they know the end is …show more content…
Allowing a patient to have this freedom could bypass tremendous pain and suffering. It would take away the psychological and physical suffering the person is going through. Also, the right to die should be fundamental to each person, and by allowing this type of treatment the patient would have this power. They may want to save lives of others, and there is no law in this country that states suicide is illegal. Lastly, this curative process would keep a patient from committing a horrific and traumatic suicide without the help of a trusting physician. Seeing the loneliness and pain ahead of them could arouse the idea of suicide in their head, and without the right to perform a safe suicide they may conduct a destructive one. It would also be better for a loved on to see their family member die a pleasant suicide and not a traumatic, chaotic one. The only places today that openly and legally authorize active assistance in dying of patients are Oregon, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands (Humphry, “Assisted Suicide Laws…”). More areas need to begin to allow it so that the patient may die in a dignified …show more content…
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