The Pros And Cons Of Anarchism And Communism

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Political ideologies, their convenience and deficiency, is a never ending and criticizable topic. The focus of this essay are two idelogies with different social and economic interferences - Anarchism and Communism. With the assistance of practical evidence as well as all possible social and economical outcomes of living in societies rulled under these political ideologies the benefits and disadvantages of those two ideologies will be disscussed.

Firstly, to fully confer two ideologies, their main concepts must be presented. The major conceptions of Anarchism and Communism are nearly opposite.While Anarchism is based on the assertion that hierarchy is not only unnecessary, but is even injurious, Communism sees government as an essencial tool
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According to Karl Marx, the classiffying of people into two main social classes was the main difficulty of those times society. The two principal classes were bourgeosie and proletariat. They were splited regarding of which one had the power of production and which one made the labour force- the proletariat was the working class, that worked for wages, while the bourgeiosie had enough wealth to control corporations.

‘The immediate aim of the Communists is the same as that of all proletarian parties: formation of the proletariat into a class, overthrow of the bourgeois supremacy, conquest of political power by the proletariat.’(Marx. K., Engels, F. 2002)

The aim of Communism is to make a revolution, which will be induced by proletariats, as stated in The Communis Manifesto, written by Karl Marx, proletariats are the revolutionarry majority, “the special and essential product”. It is also stated, that after the revolution starts, a small part of the rulling class will join the revolutionarry class. After the revolution, a proletariat dictator must be stabilized. After that, the birth of “the new man” (The Soviet Story 2008) can be possible. It is a new evolutional reform of human being, who will have a different appearance, behavior and mindset. In other words, Communism does not agree with the human nature that

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