Roe V. Wade Abortion Analysis

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Abortion has been around as long as 1550 BCE, when the Egyptians would insert plant fibers covered in honey and crushed with dates in a woman’s body to induce one. Since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion case of 1973 to 2011 there has been 53 million legal abortions in America. In recent years the US has seen a dramatic up rise in state restrictions on abortion. For example, between 2011 and 2013 there were 205 additional constraints and in the previous decade there had only been 189( Despite the Supreme Court’s ruling, abortion remains highly contentious however it is unethical to deny a woman an abortion because it violates her rights, potentially harms her, and sets her up for financial failure. Admittedly one of the top arguments …show more content…
For instance study in San Francisco found that women who were denied abortions were more than three times more likely to fall under the poverty line two years later ( This is because all income levels earn less when having a child and people on low wages are affected the most. It is very hard for these women to overcome this obstacle. Because of a small mistake they made as a teenager, many of these women will never be able to support their family, never be able to live a decent life, never be able to make something of themselves, but always regretting that one mistake. In another study, teenagers also indicated that having a baby would interfere with their education and eventually their career ( When a teenager studies for a test and she gets up every 10 minutes to check on her baby, it is hard to get a good education. When asked about previous operations Dr. King, a well-known Gynecologist, stated that females of all ages come to him for abortions, in one case “An 11-year old was discovered by her grandmother to be 19 weeks pregnant the day she was to start sixth grade”( Late-Term Abortions Should Be Banned). The girl was granted an abortion, but if she had not been allowed one then when her child also turned 11 the girl would only be 23. When a teenage girl gets pregnant she becomes the example to others used as a cautionary tale to promote safe sex, making her an outcast. Raising a child is no easy feat and coupled with the stress of trying to maintain a high GPA it gets hard for them to persevere. An abortion would give them a second chance to finish school, get a job, settle down, and have a whole family. Instead of living in poverty her whole life when a woman gets an abortion, it protects her from financial

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