Craft Union Pros And Cons

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A Union is a group of people that work together to improve their lives through collective bargaining. A craft union includes workers with a specific skill or trade in particular occupations, such as plumbers, bakers, or electricians. An industrial union includes all types of workers from a single industry, such as steelworkers or autoworkers. Union helps protect employees from unjust dismissal through collective bargaining agreements because of these agreements most union cannot be terminated without “just cause.” And the misconduct must be serious enough to merit such action. Before an employee can actually get terminated, he or she can go through a grievance procedure and if necessary, arbitration. “If I know I can’t be easily fired, I can …show more content…
Being part of a union gives you a stronger voice and having a better place to work. Also, the union is a democracy. Individuals elect their negotiating committee and leadership for their local and international union. A union is thousands of people standing together to make a difference. We all have laws that protect us at work but a union contract ensures that these laws and rules are enforced. A union grievance process ensures that everyone is treated fairly and equally without any discrimination. The formation of a union changes the basic power relationship at work. Without a union, employers have almost all the rights. Management can change your pay and working conditions at any time as long as the employer does not violate certain laws. The employee benefit will bet the discretion of the employer. When an individual negotiate their contract, they decide what things can be improve at work and make a proposal to their employer. The employer will be legally obligated to negotiate over most proposals that affect the quality of their work. The union will provide strength in numbers to improve benefits, pay and working condition. “What you gain is the muscle of collective action,” says Hoyt Wheeler, a professor at the University of South Carolina who is now a labor …show more content…
These laws, in force in 22 states (most in the South, Southwest, and Plains states), make it illegal to require a worker to join a union as a condition of employment.
Some of the pros in joining a labor union:
Higher Wages -The main reason that labor unions were formed was to help workers finally gain the type of pay that they deserve. Higher wages are possible with labor unions, because there is a contract that must be maintained. Labor unions have a higher likelihood of success because they unite the entire workforce together and get a sort of leverage to use for their benefit. Getting workers higher wages is just one pro from labor unions.
United Workforce, Strength in number of workers, Guarantee pension, Job Security…
Seniority- Rules differ in the middle of collective bargaining agreements, but in the event of layoff, employers usually are required to dismiss the most recent hires first and those with the most seniority

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