Argumentative Essay: A Gap Year

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Calm, cool, and chill moments all add up to days I am incredibly grateful for. I am given the choice to hang out with friends, go to new places, and experience new activities. I have the full twenty four hours of the day to do what pleases me. I have no worries about essays over topics I don’t care about, math tests that I know I won’t pass, and quizzes over a foreign language that I’ll never use. I always say to myself, “I’m never going back to school” or “Mom; I don’t need to go to school.” Unfortunately the law, and my mother, won’t let this happen so I am forced into another year at high school. Although the long days are enjoyed and there are no worries, this break causes a loss of interest in learning for the next year. This relates …show more content…
It gives one the time to reflect on them and plan on what they want to do with their life. They are able to focus on personal development as well as experience the outside world and travel to extravagant destinations that are “once in a life time” trips. However, this view point ignores the possibility of not wanting to go to college. For instance, when one has missed a whole year of school they may realize they may realize they do not want to go back to the hectic ways of schooling they use to know. As stated by Jens Manuel Krogstad, “About one-third of college freshmen don 't return to the same institution for a second year, according to ACT” (Krogstad). The students that take gap years are not striving for success in the future rather they are worried about their next vacation spot because that’s the purpose of a gap year, right? A student must be motivated to use their gap year rather than wasting it. Once again stated by Jens Manuel Krogstad “Taking a year off before college is only for affluent students, and doing so sets a student back because they step off the high school-to-college "conveyor belt" (Krogstad). If a student is looking to truly figure out their future and not waste their time and money traveling to places they could go to after college then a gap year may be an option, but that is usually not the case. Although there are pros that come with a gap year, the cons outweigh

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