The Propaganda Game By Alvaro Longoria

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The Propaganda Game is a documentary directed by Alvaro Longoria, that emphasizes the mystery that is North Korea. It follows the only foreigner working for the North Korean government, Alejandro Cao de Benos, and his battle with the western ideals. He believes that much of the way North Korea is depicted, a sort of freak show, is inaccurate and believes in the regime he works for, as do the people. The film did not do a lot of judging like most documentaries about North Korea do, and although it showed an aesthetically pleasing North Korea, the filmmaker recognized that North Korean lives were controlled by propaganda. This film relates to government because North Korea is under communist rule. A lot of what has been taught to us in government,

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    film The Propaganda Game (2015), directed and produced by Spanish film director Álvaro Longoria. During the time the film was being recorded, sanctions were placed on North Korea by the United States after North Korea cyber hacked Sony Entertainment over the film, The Interview. The Propaganda Game is a documentary that includes Longoria short visit to North Korea which includes interviews of citizens, North Korean news and propaganda, and a tour by Alejandro Cao de Benós. Longoria traveled…

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