The Proof And Its Impact On America Essay

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The Proof is in the Headlines Reading is where it all begins, something taught to Americans beginning as early as preschool. Reading and educators teaching students to read are two significant benefits all Americans are supposed to have access to. Yet, Americans seemingly take for granted these two important elements of America, and consequently a full understanding of the impact on those who cannot read and educators being driven out of the profession by lack of appreciation and pay will continue to be a detriment to America. Moving on, those able to read should read daily news which undoubtedly will leave an impression of a grave situation. Thus, the majority of the headlines in America are full of senseless crimes, most of which are committed by Americans with limited education; diminishing test scores in American schools; statistics with staggering results of minorities and lower income students not able to keep up with curriculum as well as the white or affluent students do. Hence, this should lead Americans analyzing why we have so many uneducated, or failing to succeed in school and other countries continue to excel past Americans in education and having less crime. Additionally, there is a shortage of educators due to long hours and the unacceptable salaries. America has reached a point of desperation in American schools, educators will continue to leave the profession and insufficiency will remain to lead the way…

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