The Progressives Were Led By Religious Leaders Essay

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The Progressives were led by religious leaders such as Charles Parkhurst, a Protestant Reverend who urged for more “protest” from the Protestants. The Progressive Era united various anti-vice crusaders such as the Anti-Cigarette League, the American Purity Alliance, and the Anti-Saloon League. These groups were already united on many issues such as labor rights, women’s rights, minimum wage laws, etc. Thus, in 1900, a reform group known as the “New York Committee of Fifteen” conducted undercover vice investigations and released their first report with the title “The Social Evil.” A similar group with ties to the New York Anti-Saloon League, known as the “Committee of Fourteen,” did a comparable investigation of prostitution three years later. From 1910 to 1917, 43 different cities followed suit with similar commissions that flouted their propaganda in hopes of banning prostitution.
Reverend Parkhurst gained national recognition for his efforts to root out New York City’s open corruption with vice activity. In 1893 he successfully lobbied for criminal charges of neglect of duty to be levied against a terribly corrupt police captain, Bill Devery, who refused to shut down his precinct’s brothels. However, Devery was acquitted in the end. Although, the toleration of rampant vice activity in Gotham City declined temporarily when one of history’s most notable Progressives, Teddy Roosevelt, became the superintendent of the New York City Police Department in 1895.
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