The Progressive Era Essay

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The goal of the Progressive Era was a hopeful and seemingly simple one. Progressives believed that applying human intelligence to the task on improving the country would ultimately bring about progress in the nation (Hewitt, 384). This ideal became so widespread that it now known as the Progressive Era. This period had plenty of successes and failures, supporters and non-supporters for a myriad of reasons, but despite these reasons progressives had a large impact on America politically, socially, and economically. To begin with, politically, progressives economically tried for government reforms to decrease the power of corrupt political machines and corporations. They claimed that this would “produce greater efficiency, openness and accountability in the government” (Hewitt, 496). For example, Robert M. La Follette, who was the governor of Wisconsin from 1901 to 1906, led the way in improving the overall abilities and performance of the states government as well to hold the state accountable for its citizens. He rid of the state’s corrupt urban political machines by creating a law that prohibits direct corporation affiliation with political parties (Hewitt 498). Many other state electives followed Follette’s progressive footsteps and even expanded upon these laws. Second, social progressives faced large obstacles, most especially in the fight for racial equality. In the south, white supremacy imposed on black voters, and segregation in public settings were…

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