The Progressive Change That Occurs As A Cross Sectional Study

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I. Description of the design:
This study focused on the progressive change that occurs as something is developing. This is why it used the developmental design due to it using a cross-sectional study. The way that it was conducted was that the researchers used a randomly sample. The group of women who had served in the military and also had at least made an outpatient visit to any of the 158 VA hospitals national would be part of the random sample. The women would have to visit the hospital during July 1994 through June 1995 to be part of the survey. When they got selected the women need to fill out a self-administered survey.
II. Control of extraneous variables:
The way that the researcher was able to control the extraneous variables was using the random sampling. The researcher where able to collect the self-administered survey the women filled out. The researcher was able to collected 58.4% of the surveys. From the collection of survey the researchers were able to omitted 2% of the women due to the fact that they responded that they never had any military sexual assault.
III. Assessing internal and external validity:
In this study the internal validity was obvious with the way the study was completed and it showed that sexual trauma was a cause of cardiac risk factors in women who had been sexually assaulted. This internal validity also had a threat because the veteran woman could have had medical problems before they were sexually assaulted. This study was…

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