Admirable Characters In The Crucible

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Proctors Perfect Personality
What makes a character admirable? To answer this, we must first define admirability. To be admirable, you must possess traits and qualities that earn you respect and honor in the eyes of others.The Crucible has many admirable characters, but the most admirable would have to be John Proctor. John shows many flashes of honesty, bravery, and self respect. These traits are what make John Proctor the most admirable character.
Throughout The Crucible, John shows many signs of honesty. The first and most obvious evidence is when John confesses his affair with Abby by stating, “I have known her, sir. I have known her” (115). John admits that he had an affair with Abby in order to prove her wrong in court. He chooses to
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In the scene that I just mentioned were John chooses to die as an act of bravery, he also demonstrates a lot of self respect. The court asks him why he won’t let them display his signature and he replies, “Because it is my name! Because I cannot have another in my life!” (150). John cares a lot about his image in the town, and would rather die than have that taken away. This is what eventually makes him choose to keep his good name and die. A second piece of evidence to display John’s self respect is when he yells at Elizabeth for judging him so much. John says to her, “You will not judge me more, Elizabeth” (57). He cares a lot about the way people think of him, and doesn’t want Elizabeth to think of him as a bad guy. He has tried countless times to make it up to her, which shows how important it is to him. The final example is when John tries to stop Hale’s suspicion by saying, “There be no love for Satan in this house, Mister” (71). Proctor tries to stop Hale from thinking his family are witches. He cares a lot about the way he is seen in the town and will do what he must in order to keep his name clean. John’s flashes of self respect are another reason why he is the most admirable

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