The Process Of Putting Together My Project Essays

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As I started to think about the process of putting together my project, the one thing that comes to my mind is all the fun I had playing youth sports; baseball and basketball in particular. That being said, it was easy for me to pick my topic, as I’ve been apart of this successful event for ten plus years.
The type of event I would like to plan is a 2 on 2 basketball tournament, for youth in third to twelve grade. The purpose of this event is to give back to the University of Wisconsin Parkside Men’s and Women’s Basketball programs’, with 100% of the proceeds being split evenly between the two programs. The remaining 50% will pay for tournament expenses, such as fees and staffing costs.
The goal is to raise between $10,000-$15,000 for this event to be successful. My plans are to raise money through general admission, raffling gift cards, and a silent auction.
My intended audiences are charitable local community members.

Scheduling Date, Time and Location
From my experience, the time of year can be a major challenge on having a successful event. So when doing my research I wanted to have the event held when school is done for the year and around the time parents decide on what activities their child should join. I chose to have the event in the month of June. Great time for summer sports and not a lot of activities going during this time at the University of Parkside sports and activity center, but there can be some challenges with dates and time so this is very important…

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