The Problem Of Uninsured Motorists Essay

840 Words Dec 4th, 2016 4 Pages
The Problem of Uninsured Motorists I was recently involved in a car accident which made my car spin 180 degrees that resulted in facing the opposite side of the street. The only injuries that I had from the accident were minor injuries. The law needs to be more strictly enforced for drivers that don’t have insurance. Thousands of drivers today on the road are uninsured motorists and think that they are better than the law. Driving is not a right, but is an earned privilege. Colorado was a no fault state until 2003. Since 2003, Colorado uses what is called a tort system to determine who is at fault. According to the Department of Motor Vehicle’s website, Colorado requires all drivers to have $25,000 liability insurance coverage to cover damages to other people’s cars and other people’s medical expenses. Failure to have car insurance in Colorado can result in four points on your driver’s license, a five hundred dollar fine, license suspension, and liable of being sued (Colorado Car Insurance). In 2012, Colorado had a 16.2% of motorists who were uninsured. There are 12.6% of motorists that are uninsured in the United States (“Uninsured Motorists Colorado”). Many people today think that they are better than the law and don’t need car insurance to drive a car. There are many reasons why people don’t agree that they need car insurance which can include it is rare to get into an accident, too expensive to have, and is a stupid unrealistic law. Depending on what state you live…

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