The Problem Of The Medical Model Essays

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2. One of the assumptions about the medical model is that illnesses are primarily biological and that they can be cured purely by “cuts and chemicals”. This can cause iatrogenesis, which occurs from when a medical professional causes problems due to words or actions. Usually this can happen due to a direct result of consequences from taking drugs or recommendations that the medical professional gave to the patient.
There are now cases where people are going to medical professionals to cure one problem, but a new one arises from this. This can be seen with antibiotics. A large portion of the population, especially in the United States of America, people are taking these drugs, as a result, viruses are starting to evolve and are becoming more powerful. This makes them more resistant to drugs. In the future it causes a problem where some people will not be able to cure themselves from certain illnesses. As a direct result it also puts more strain on not only the medical system, but on the economy.
When certain pathogens become resistant to previous treatment over a period of time, it causes companies to have to not only research new cures, but produce them as well. In the long run, using only chemicals and surgeries to fix certain problems for patients is quite an unsustainable approach, and will most likely cause large health problems later on.
Using the definition of the medical model can cure a person of mesothelioma. This is done by removing tumors from their bodies.…

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