The Problem Of The Freshman 15 : More Than Just For College Students

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The Freshman 15: More than Just for College Students[KA1] Within our colleges and cities, fresh food can be nearly impossible to obtain. Whether it be because of geographic inaccessibility, or economic hardships, these areas are often classified as food deserts. But why are food deserts so prevalent in our society? The answer is that they are manmade. Food deserts arise when people move into low-income areas isolated from fresh food. Fast and processed food has been pushed onto those of the lower class, and made it so that these foods rich in fat and added sugar are more readily available than those full of nutrients. There is a desire and a need within this niche for fresh food. The problem is that the supply is not available to everyone, and by subsidizing local farmers and grocers, the demand can be met. [KA2] According to the United States Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Program, as of November 16, 2016, in Chicago, in areas deemed a food desert where a grocery store is more than a mile away in urban areas, 66% of those living in these areas have limited access to a vehicle. These suburbs in Chicago are also low income, being defined as above a 20% poverty rate, or where the average income is 80% or less than that of surrounding areas. The same program shows that the University of Washington Campus, though not deemed low-income, has an average distance of half a mile to a grocery store, as well as limited access to vehicles.
At the present time,…

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