The Problem Of Sugar Over Consumption Essay

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Starting Fresh, Starting New
Imagine you are walking down the aisle of a grocery store. What foods catch your eye the fastest? Is it Oreos? Or your favorite candy bar? Or Cap’n Crunch? I know that sugar-heavy foods catch my attention the best, and many other people’s too. Sugar is the culprit behind many health problems such as (name all cardiovascular diseases), obesity, oral decay, and it even helps promote cancer. In addition, diabetes, which caused by sugar is also a risk factor for dementia. Children and even adults all over the United States are suffering from oral problems such as tooth decay. My dad being a dentist along with my experience working at his office, has allowed me to see just how many people’s teeth are rotting from so much sugar consumption. Even my younger siblings struggle to slow the candy down and keep their teeth strong and healthy. Many people believe that this issue of sugar over-consumption is unsolvable and too big of a problem, but that is wrong thinking. People all over America are suffering from physical and mental illnesses caused by sugar, and there is definitely something you can do to solve it.
Sugar is the main cause for many of the problems and illnesses our world faces today. According to Julie Corliss the executive editor of the Harvard Heart Letter, cardiovascular diseases are primarily caused by sugar, and not the lack of nutritional foods (“Eating too much”). This is alarming because the lack of nutrition is not to blame, it is…

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