The Problem Of Single Sex Classrooms Essay

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Ignored and Unheard
Education plays a major role in the way that each individual 's life unfolds. Several factors affect the type and quality of education that one gets. It is a choice for every soul as to whether not they get an excellent education. One major situation that affects the way people learn is having the opposite sex in the same learning environment. Males overspeak females and feel it necessary to overpower the females, causing a constant fight to see who can outsmart the other. Although there is a high rate of competition in classrooms, single sex institutions have a smaller number, meaning that these institutions have a legitimate place in the educational aspect. Co-educational classrooms are constantly leading to more and more failure within the United States, as classroom interactions are heavily influenced by males, and are strenuous for females to fit in against males. Single sex classrooms must be a part of curriculum because females need their space from overpowering males, males need individual attention, and teachers need to be able to focus their attention to each gender at the time. You need to rework this thesis. It should be three reasons co educational classrooms must be a part of the curriculum or done away with. You must choose a side.
According to LaFrance and Mayo It is said that females talk more than males do in one day, but it is proven that is absolutely wrong. Because males speak more than females, the girls are often scared to express…

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