The Problem Of Police Brutality Essay

1003 Words Apr 26th, 2016 5 Pages
“The more costly a decision, the more irreversible its consequences, the greater the dissonance and the greater the need to reduce it by overemphasizing the good things about the choice made.” (Williamson 2) Who’s to say that the decision made by the law enforcement officer or officers was ever the wrong thing to do? Is it our own personal beliefs or is that the law says that it’s not the right thing to do? (Williamson 2) When a police officer is committing the crime of hurting that other human being he is just doing his job at the time he doesn’t believe what he is doing is wrong he is just fitting the part trying to do his job to his best ability. (Williamson 3) Just like the person getting beat isn’t doing anything wrong as humans we always want to find a way to justify a person 's actions and not always with reason but with what we jump to first. Police brutality isn’t the problem what the problem is, is that our country runs off a history of racism and racist people it 's just who we are. (Williamson 4) Let 's start out with what black lives matter is and why it matters. What it is a group of white people and black people who are about each other and know that they are all human beings and that their lives matter because yes, all lives matter but we are mostly focused on the black ones right now. It is very apparent that our judicial system doesn’t see that the black culture in out country is hurting because of this. If you are one of the people who can’t see…

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