The Problem Of Overpopulation And The Construction Of Infrastructures While Consuming Less Material

950 Words Jul 16th, 2015 4 Pages
Safwan Waheed
Advanced Academic Writing “Recently, 2.4 children are born each second!” (Cite) Well, we have limited resources on our planet, so how can we articulate the anticipated problem of overpopulation? People, no matter of their number, need sustenance such as food, accommodation, and education .But interestingly underdeveloped countries have a large increasing rate in their population than developed countries while underdevelopedcountries have no mastery of their natural resources. In fact, some developed countries are facing significant problems in dealing with providing the accommodation and infrastructures. Even though infrastructures represent the scaffold of a healthy economy of those undeveloped countries, this collides with the increasing cost of constructing these infrastructures. So how could we contrive the construction of infrastructures while consuming less material? In other words, how to built structures with minimal cost while satisfying safety features? If underdeveloped countries were able to implement a bouncing plan in which infrastructures need little budget, many people would have access to life easing infrastructures. And to assure the availability of adequate infrastructures for the future population of the earth, preforming an optimization process to obtain an economic and healthy design would be the key for cutting the material and its cost simultaneously despite its challenging and time consuming procedure. A resolution for…

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