The Problem Of Overcrowding In Prisons

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In the United States there is a problem of overcrowding on our prisons. Overcrowding is when the amount of prisoners in a prison exceed the amount of space that the prison has. This is a growing concern because it can cause many problems. It can cause misconduct among the inmates, psychological stress, poor prison conditions, and post release recidivism. The problem continues to grow and it seems nothing is being done about the issue and many people don’t even know we have this problem. However, there a few solutions to the problem in order to reform the overcrowding of prisons. There are too many people in prison and a lot of them should not even be there. There is a problem of sending people to prison for nonviolent crimes. This mostly …show more content…
Chris Grayling the leader of the Common and a former justice secretary says that our concerns should not be with overcrowding. He says it is not the biggest issue and that the real issue for many of the problems is drug access. Grayling also said “The big challenge in our prisons, the thing that has led to violence in our prisons more than anything else, has been the way in which so-called legal highs have got into prisons. And a huge amount of effort has gone into trying to stop that” (Weaver). Grayling says that big bosses have gone to prison and started to control drugs and have managed to get them inside prison. Not only that but since they all want to be in control, this leads to violence among inmates. To him, overcrowding is not the main issue and not that main cause of violence in prison. Marc Debbaudt also argues that prison should not be pleasant to live in in the first place and that prison should be so bad that people never want to go back. Although he doesn 't advocate for torture or extreme measures, he still thinks that they should experience discomfort and overcrowding should be tolerated. Debbaudt writes, “Felons deserve to be in prison. Obviously, to the extent you accept the premise of overcrowding, one solution to overcrowding, as some sensibly minded people suggest, is that we simply need more prisons”(Debbaudt). This may seem to make sense because the cost of trying to save and maintain a run down prison is extremely high. However, this is not a possible solution and does not solve the problem. We cannot afford to build more prisons and building more prisons is not reform. Increasing the number of prisons we already have will just increase the number of people we put in prison which is already too many and will continue to keep growing. Another thing is even in 1882 they built Folsom prison to replace San Quentin because of

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