Essay about The Problem Of Narcotics Trafficking

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Years ago, when someone would mention Mexico, El Salvador, or Colombia, the first things that would come to mind would be sandy beaches, breathtaking mountains and luscious rainforests. Central America used to be an awe-inspiring paradise just within reach. However, with the rise of many nefarious drug cartels and organized crime syndicates, this is no longer the case. Narcotics trafficking has been overwhelmingly popular in the area for many reasons. The most evident one being the location of the region. Central American countries, such as El Salvador, are close to the major Andean countries that specialize in producing these narcotics and yet are also just a short distance away from Mexico; the gateway to the United States. As if producing and selling these highly addictive and destructive substances are not harmful enough to the public, the drug cartels and syndicates pushing them also plague cities with violence, corrupt government officials, and blur the lines between the legal and illegal economy to benefit them and their businesses. To combat this, several measures have been taken. Central American countries have partnered with the United States to fight against the atrocities that torment civilians through strategies such as Plan Merida, CARSI, and brute force; as is evident in the approach taken by El Salvador’s Government. Even with great efforts like these, some are skeptical and question who will emerge victorious in this war against drugs and turmoil. Although…

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