The Problem Of Low Self Esteem Essay

1454 Words Dec 7th, 2014 6 Pages
Today there are multiple obstacles out there, that an average teenager faces in their passage to young adulthood. In any case, for some unknown reason self esteem is one of those certain issues, that constantly beat this rundown. The fact that masses of individuals experience the same problem for a large part of their lives is simply bizarre. At times students like myself become inquisitive about the origins of low self esteem as we attempt to relate ourselves to other American teenagers with different backgrounds. My low self esteem 's upsetting journey began at the age of twelve with a major transition in my life, as it went from being a straightforward town life to a somewhat complex one, when my family and I moved to the U.S. That was the point at which I first turned into an impostor, an individual who acted all successful, lively and perfect around others, yet at the end of the day was afraid of failing. Later as I advanced from middle school to high school, I entered another period of low self esteem or commonly named the goth phase and turned myself into a victim, a kind of person who acts all miserable and needs real inspiration to advance in life. Throughout the last few years I was able to resolve my self esteem issues, however shouldn 't something be done about around 70% of those teens who have the same problem? When addressing the major challenges of psychology, the topic of self esteem readily appears. One may ask what is self esteem and how does it relates…

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