The Problem Of Homeless Children Essays

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"What are is the probability that your children sit next to homeless children in school?

Provided that, “they are has been an eight percent increase from 2012 into 2013” according to Amanda Paulson (2014). The chances are your children are in fact sitting next to a homeless child. In spite of, children being homeless, they have the determination to attend school in order to obtain an education that may improve their living situation. Owing to, the fact there are homeless, consequently, these students still can obtain an education as well as set achievable goals. I say this given that, I volunteer as well as mentor a youth group at a community center. Therefore, I have encountered reliable information on this matter from a group of six boys and six girls, seven of them being homeless and attends school on a daily basis.
Many of children exit from their homes due to some sort of abuse or their surrounding environment. Moreover, a publication by the National Coalition for the Homeless (2008) declares children departs after years of physical and sexual abuse, strained relationships, an addiction of a family member along with parental neglect (Homeless Youth, 2008). As well as, disruptive family conditions are the most common reason why young people leave their homes. One the contrary, these homeless children still attends school. With this in mind, the state of Illinois, reports,“ an increase from previous year’s homeless student enrollment in school of a 18.6%…

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