The Problem Of Homeless Children Essay

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Families with children are one of the fastest-growing homeless populations in the United States (National Coalition for the Homeless, 2009). A major cause for family homelessness is the availability to gain employment is mostly in low-wage positions. Another major cause is not having enough affordable housing available for the families to obtain. Homeless families face many concerns regarding not only their physical health, but their mental health and well-being. Children, unfortunately, suffer from both of these. Homeless children often times come from families with mental health, alcohol- and substance-abuse problems and high rates of domestic violence (Groton, Teasley & Canfield, 2013). Homeless children often suffer physical, social and cognitive setbacks from even brief instance of homelessness (Julianelle & Foscarinis, 2003). These children also suffer from both acute and chronic health problems more often than other students. Poor nutrition, constant lack of enough food and developmental delays are just some of the health problems they suffer from. Expanding rates of poverty and slow growth of the U. S. economy is a recipe for continued growth among homeless families, and particularly among women with children (Groton, Teasley & Canfield, 2013). Children are a valuable contribution to the world. Homelessness is a never ending issue many of these treasured possessions endure. Coincidentally, homelessness has many negative effects on children. The trauma these…

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