Essay on The Problem Of Hip Hop Music

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The question whether hip-hop music has either improved or injured racial relationships is in itself truthful yet deceitful in both its positive and negative connotations. In recent years, there has been contention about rap music and its effect to racial associations. It appears that political and media groups are placing blame on hip-hop for the current witnessed increase in violence amongst the youth. This is based on the rivalry between the East Coast and West Coast regions where rappers Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur were murdered. Examples of such incidents are recent school shootings in Townville Elementary School, South Carolina. In as much as critics blame the violent message conveyed through hip-hop music, they are leaving out hip-hop’s core message. Hip-hop like other literary form can only be understood if studied in its proper social and historical context. Today’s message in hip-hop music originates from the young, urban, and working class culture. Hip-hop has its roots in African oral traditions and it serves as a tool for airing the voices of a minority.
Kool DJ Herc from Jamaica in South Bronx, New York started hip-hop music in 1973. Kool Dj Herc together with his younger sibling extended a song’s drum break using a turntable technique by playing the break portion of two similar tracks in a Halloween party.

Hip-hop music has seen a commercialization in the last decade, which ran down American-African radio stations in the 1970s. Before…

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