The Problem Of Evil And Omnipotent Essay

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Problem of Evil
1-The Problem of evil and Omnipotent
The problem of evil has been continually open in theologian 's side for hundreds of years. The problem mainly arises from the inconsistency in propositions that are stated either by religious minds or theologians. It starts by the key attributes of God that are strongly believed by Theists, as follows,
1-God is omnipotent.
2-God is wholly good.
Although it is claimed by many of non-religious philosophers that there is no evidence of God 's existence, however, adding the traditional belief i.e, "there are some evil", as the third proposition to above statements 1 and 2 brings, even more, irrationality in those propositions, Mackie says in (Mackie, 1955). He claims that there is an inconsistency in these propositions and all three cannot be true at the same time.
Mackie then continues by saying that the philosophy is not only capable of rejecting the propositions for God 's existence but to logically prove that there is no God at all. I personally believe that, although Mackie 's thoughts in rejecting those proposition and solutions for the problem of evil could be logically rational, however, lacking details to support his opinions allows them to be arguable. Mackie 's core ideas on the problem of evil and his logics in denying God 's omnipotence are summarized and argued in this essay .
First, let 's start with the 3 traditional propositions, God is omnipotent, God is wholly good and yet there is some evil. Mackie…

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