The Problem Of Drug Addicts Essay

800 Words Mar 22nd, 2015 4 Pages
Many believe that drug addicts do not want to get better that they do not want to stop using drugs and that it is a waste of time and money having programs that help addicts get and stay clean. But in reality many addicts and drug dealers do want to stop selling or using drugs but it is hard to stay clean with no support system or the backing of friends and family. In the video Lip’s Place and the news article Life, Death, Birth and Love Twisted by Heroin 's Power, and Road to Detox: Do Not Enter it describes the reason as to why some want to stop using drugs but the challenges that comes along with it.
In the video, one woman describes that she wants to stay clean because she have seven children and she wants to provide a better life for them. However, it is very unlikely of that happening. She lives in an apartment building where there are drug usage, people selling drugs, needles, cocaine bags everywhere, that the possibility of her staying clean is very slim because there is too much temptation around here. This video shows why communities and the government need to support and have programs that can help addicts. Programs that provide a place for addicts to live where there are no drugs and give them the moral support that they need. Programs that also provides a safe place where drug users can go and get high without worrying about if the police is in the area or if the needles are clean. But there are little to no programs like this in the United States because many…

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