The Problem Of Dating Apps Essay

1702 Words Dec 16th, 2016 7 Pages
In the current time 's, most millennials do not have the free time to be sitting on a computer to create a profile for any website but, especially for dating apps. Millennials think this as it takes an unusually long time for them to create the perfect first impression of themselves to others. Due to this problem dating apps have been made to streamline the process, of setting up a profile and, make it easier for people to find dates and potential long-term matches. The quickness of profile setup has caused the app industry for dating to grow quickly causing possible problems for people. In a New York Times Debate article, four people talked about their experiences in the dating app world. Some were happy and found it valuable while others found it annoying and not beneficial for them. I believe that dating apps are helpful for some people who need it to find people with others while it is not as useful for people who have communication problems and have trouble with talking in person.

In online dating, the most important part of a person 's profile is the persona or identity they are putting out to possible matches. If people do not give out the perfect personification of themselves, they cannot get the matches and potential dates they want. In communication, there is a theory of Identity by Erving Goffman, which talks about how there a performance that he says is "the activity of an individual which occurs during a period marked by his continuous presence before a…

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