The Problem Of Care Corps Essay examples

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Currently, over half a million people are homeless in the U.S. right now. What most of us don 't understand, is the grind that homeless people go through every day for their daily needs. Lots of us take a bed, a soft blanket, a warm house for granted. Consequently, this is something homeless people don 't have, but a great program in Fremont, Nebraska has provided these services for them. Care-Corps provides: housing, life skills program, food, hygiene products, medicine, prevention program, counseling, and in addition, provides a plan for a client to get healthy, happy lifestyle. Many people drive by every day and don 't realize that Care-Corps is there, in fact none of my family never had even heard of this place. The place looks like a mini 1 story apartment complex. The siding on the building is tan, which gives it that very basic, but unique, warm look. When examining the building at first it is very up to date, so you would feel comfortable going in there if you were anybody. Now this in my opinion doesn 't look like it was built in the nicest area of Fremont. Across the street there is a dry cleaning business, that looks like it has seen better days. All the houses around are old, and need some work, but it is not a bad area. When you see Care-Corps though, if you notice it, it looks like a safe building to be at. The homeless have got to have a good feeling that this may be their chance to change their lives. Immediately, as you walk into the…

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