The Problem Of Avoiding Tax Essay

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When individuals think of taxes they always seem to see it as a burden. They do not realize the great amount of benefits that taxes provide, one of which is that without taxes our economy would simply not grow, hence why individuals tend to try to avoid tax in every situation that arises. However the important aspect to grasp is that avoiding tax can be possible if done legally and in the right way, once you try to manipulate the standards of our system many consequences may arise. But still with the risks many try to alleviate taxes in order to relieve the “burden”, going through many illegal sources, to reduce this so-called tension. For example, individuals may go to different countries in order to avoid the hassle of dealing with taxes. However, the United States has a worldwide tax policy and individuals cannot do this in order to avoid paying taxes because it is considered illegal and it can lead to fines or imprisonment. Therefore, the IRS has made it its mission to find the criminals that have averted to this behavior. This problem has risen in a lot of different countries worldwide, but particularly in Switzerland and now in Singapore.
One of the biggest scandals regarding tax evasion lied in the secrecy of Swiss Banks. A dramatic collapse came to the United States government and the IRS had found out that the Swiss banks was one of the leading causes of it because it had been involved in the financial corruption of tax evasion. The former top Swiss banker,…

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